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EBOHR Luxuries include “EBOHR”, “KANA”, “EC” and other wrist watch brands.

  • EBOHR is a main brand and mass-market brand, creating rich product lines with classical system, contemporary style, casual style.

  • With the jewel crafting, watch manufacturing technology and the combination of the Eastern and Western culture, KANA reveals fashion, elegance, luxury temperament and sophistication.

  • EC shows the extremely high level of craftsmanship with the sophisticated appearance and structure, tourbillon mechanical movements and owns a strong sense of times.

EBOHR’s World

After 25 years of rapid development, EBOHR Luxuries has made great achievements and won numerous honors in corporate culture construction, exquisite watch making craft and social responsibility fulfillment. Its brand value totals RMB 5,626 million.


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  • Points of Stores

    There are 32 branches and more than 3,000 POS terminals. Service outlets cover all provincial capitals.

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